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exploreID: Design (R)evolutions

November 7, 2019
6:00-8:00pm CST
3M Design Center (3M Building 223)
12th St
Maplewood, MN 55119

What do we mean when we say design? Through exploreID, we invite you to explore design at ID through different lenses and projects.

Design has its roots in the Industrial Revolution, when exciting new technologies allowed for mass production. Today, amidst the fourth industrial revolution—or digital revolution—design is increasingly needed, and evolving according to the needs of the contemporary moment. During this event, we will explore how various leaders define and practice design today, how and why the field has evolved, and what design skills are needed at the executive level. We will also consider the future of design and design roles. 

ID alumni Jess Dugan (MDes + MBA 2012), Design Principal at 3M; Amy Pogue Brady (MDes 2003), Experience Design Strategy Leader at U.S. Bank; and Matt Huang (MDes 1996), Principal Design and Innovation Strategist at Target; will join a panel discussion at the 3M Design Center with other practice leaders, Kate Dudgeon, Director of Research and Strategy and Worrell and Lisa Helminiak, Founder & CEO at Azul Seven, to talk about the changes they see and foresee.

About the panelists

Amy Pogue Brady, Director of Experience Design and Strategy, U.S. Bank
Amy Pogue Brady is a Director of Experience Design and Strategy and U.S. Bank, responsible for enterprise-wide initiatives to understand and define fundamental customer and employee experiences and then shape new services and strategies from that work. She thrives on introducing new capabilities and methods into organizations while helping to enhance existing insights and innovation structures. By leveraging a varied background in engineering, design and strategy, she works to understand people and their behaviors, motivations and dreams, creating insights and frameworks she can use to develop new products, services and strategies. She has a MDes from the Institute of Design and a BS in Communication Design from the University of Minnesota. 

Kate Dudgeon, Director of Research and Strategy, Worrell
Kate has over ten years of design and strategy experience, with a focus on healthcare services and products. At Worrell, she serves as the Director of Research and Strategy, where she leads a team of design research practitioners. In partnership with their clients, Worrell works through large scale programs that expose the human stories, needs, and struggles behind medical devices and healthcare services. Through a human centered design process, Kate leads executive-level teams through research insight synthesis and generative design exercises to identify meaningful and differentiated solutions. Prior to working at Worrell, Kate worked both as a design research lead at a healthcare startup partnership between United Healthcare and Iora Health, as well as a service designer at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation.

Jessica Dugan, Design Principal, 3M Health Care
As Design Principal for 3M Health Care, Jessica is responsible for driving improved user experience and successful business outcomes across the Health Care business group. She draws upon her multi-disciplinary background in design and business to create experiences that are desirable, viable and feasible in the marketplace. She has a passion for service design particularly for connecting the dots between the inspirational and operational parts of an experience to bring it to life. Jessica holds a B.S. in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, an MBA in Business Administration from the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MDes in Design Strategy from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

Lisa Helminiak, Founder & CEO, Azul Seven (Moderator)
Lisa is the founder and CEO of Azul Seven, a human-centered design and innovation consultancy. Lisa started Azul Seven with the goal of improving people's lives by helping technologists, designers and business leaders work together to solve problems and improve outcomes for those they serve. Lisa works with clients to ensure their objectives are being met and with the Azul Seven team to help the organization evolve to meet the needs of clients and emerging industries. Her background as a strategist and experience designer, her interest in innovation and her desire to help people keep her focused on technology's impact on human behavior and how it can improve lives. She has taught graduate level coursework at the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota.

Matt Huang, Principal Design Strategist, Target
Matt Huang is a Principal Design Strategist at Target; responsible for driving Advanced Development and Strategy for the Owned Brand Product Design and Management Group. He is passionate about putting human in the center of  any design or business challenges, whether it is a new product, a new service, or a new business model.  Prior to working at Target, he worked at academia, design consultancies, and corporate. Matt has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and MDes in Human-Centered Product Design from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

About IIT Institute of Design (ID)

Founded by László Moholy-Nagy as The New Bauhaus in 1937, IIT Institute of Design (ID) is known for pioneering human-centered design and systems design. Today we are home to the only US design school devoted completely to graduate students. But ID is more than a graduate school. We are an international community of learners and practitioners building responsible, cooperative, intelligent futures to address the biggest issues of our time. Learn more about ID at

Directions to the 3M Design Center (3M Building 223)

Input "3M Building 223" into Waze or Google Maps and it will take you to the visitor parking lot outside of the 3M Design Center. You can also use the directions below.

Take  94E to Century Avenue. Turn left on Century, follow until you get to Innovation Blvd. Take a left onto Innovation Blvd, follow Innovation Blvd until you get to the turnaround (see below), go to 11th street which will bring you to the 220 Visitor Parking lot. You will see the 3M Design Center Entrance from the visitor lot.

Parking will be available in the 220 visitor lot (map below). Please enter the Design Center at the plaza level on the south side of Building 223.
Parking: the 220 Visitor Lot is located on 11th street off of Innovation Blvd.

Directions to the 3M Design Center