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ID 2021 End Of Year Show

May 14, 2021
7:00-8:30pm CST
ID students will showcase their projects from the school year along with a live launch of the EOYS website.

This year, we at IIT Institute of Design (ID) learned so much about ourselves and those around us. We have navigated our own fair share of paradoxes and oxymorons: isolated connection; order amidst chaos (classes during a pandemic!), making things real (virtually). From Virginia Beach to Shanghai to Chicago, we’ve been divided by time zones yet united in purpose. Ultimately, we’re better suited to take on any challenges that may come our way. Although there's a longing for the past and what could have been; there's a looming excitement for the future.

We morphed. We changed. We’ve become adept at adapting. Thus the theme, and definition, for the 2021 End of Year Show.

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ad·​ep·​ta·​tion | ˌa-ˌdəp-ˈtā-shən

Skill or proficiency at adapting to adverse environmental conditions: time warps, Zoom marathons, mixed reality. Becoming more fit for existence under these new conditions, e.g., developing an aptitude for remote community building, overcoming maskne, mastering virtual prototyping.

About IIT Institute of Design (ID)

IIT Institute of Design (ID) builds responsible, cooperative, intelligent futures. Founded by László Moholy-Nagy as The New Bauhaus in 1937, ID is known for pioneering human-centered design and systems design. Today ID is home to the only US design school devoted completely to graduate students. But ID is more than a graduate school. ID is an international community of learners and practitioners who are addressing the biggest issues of our time by eliciting a power unique to humans: creativity. Learn more about ID at