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IDeal: Sustainable Tourism

March 5, 2018
9:00am-7:30pm CST
565 West Adams Street, 7th floor
IL 60661,

IDeal is an annual student lead, one-day design swarm. Throughout the event, designers, community members, faculty, and students work together to create tangible, sustainable solutions for a company creating meaningful impact. This spring, IDeal will center on CAS Trips, a worldwide organization creating educational tours for students.

Join us for a day of teamwork, design and making a difference. We welcome participants from all disciplines to add their voice and talent to solving these challenges.

About our partner organization

CAS Trips is a touring service for International Baccalaureate schools, which enhances understanding and respect in students. The aim of the company is to challenge students' knowledge, assumptions and beliefs by tackling global issues of importance head on through creativity, activity and service. Their tour themes include: homelessness, the environment, refugee aid, community, sustainability, elderly care, and intercultural understanding and take part all over the globe.