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November 6, 2014
12:30-2:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design, 6th floor
350 N LaSalle St
Chicago, IL 60654

Ravi Sawhney will illustrate how his design and innovation firm, RKS, has used its scalable visual framework to design and develop hundreds of commercially successful programs. Their methodology, Psycho-Aesthetics, is an analysis and visualization tool that provides framework for design thinking methodologies. Ravi will explain the methodology in detail to show how it works universally. Based on the work of Abraham Maslow and Joseph Campbell, it provides a platform for actionable insights and disruptive innovation. This easily learnt methodology provides great effectiveness throughout the design process by understanding needs and aspirations alongside the competitive landscape of products, services and brands as highlighted in Ravi’s book Predictable Magic.

Ravi, a Canadian born designer of Indian descent, was raised in Los Angeles, California where he attended CSU Northridge and Art Center College of Design. Today he leads RKS in Southern California, a firm he started in 1980 after leaving Xerox where he was the lead designer on the first generation of touch screen interfaces. He  alternates between roles as CEO, entrepreneur, lecturer, author, designer and, most importantly, as an advocate of design’s ability to help others and make the world a better place.