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In the Loop: Liz Gerber

October 29, 2013
12:30-2:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design, 6th floor
350 North LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Collective Intelligence for and by Design: Understanding Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing

When we think about innovations in design, we tend to focus on the outcome—assistive technology for the blind, micro-electric health monitors, eco-building materials—but it’s teams of people who work day after day to come up with new ideas and realize better solutions.

Liz Gerber studies and design systems to support the people behind the scenes. In this talk, she'll present collective intelligence for and by design and examine how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing help designers get their work done.

About Liz

As the Breed Junior Chair of Design at Northwestern University and founder of Design for America, Dr. Elizabeth Gerber studies and designs collective intelligence systems to support design and innovation. Practically, she draws on her design experience in the toy, aerospace, and medical industries. She received her doctoral and master’s degrees in management science and engineering and product design from Stanford University.