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In the Loop: Seth TeBeest

April 22, 2014
12:30-2:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design, 6th floor
350 N LaSalle St
Chicago, IL 60654

Intellectual Property and Design

Seth TeBeest will discuss intellectual property (IP) as it pertains to design. He will briefly explain the law regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets and how it affects the work of designers. The goal is not to teach designers the nuances of IP law but to provide an IP perspective to the design process, including strategies for choosing the appropriate type of IP protection and branding.

About Seth

Seth TeBeest is an Illinois licensed attorney specializing in intellectual property law and business strategy. His legal experience includes the law firm of Rhame & Elwood and pro bono work for the Hammond Legal Aid Clinic. He received his JD from the Valparaiso University School of Law, and in May he will complete a master’s degree in intellectual property management and markets at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. Currently he serves as a graduate teaching assistant at the interprofessional projects program at IIT as well as an intern for the University’s Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property.