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Inside PhD

April 14, 2015
12:30-2:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design, 6th floor
350 N LaSalle St
Chicago, IL 60654

The second annual Inside PhD event will present the ongoing research of five PhD students studying at IIT Institute of Design. Join Amanda, Peter, Jaime, Roberto, and Maryam to learn about what could be the next methods and theories shaping the future of design.

Democratization of Co-design Processes for Civic Capacity Building
Amanda Geppert on community-driven social innovation

Amanda's research explores the radical democratization of co-design processes as an approach for communities to build design capabilities and civic capacity to create solutions for the common good.

Pursuing the Elixir of Design Research with Diagrammatic Prototyping
Peter Hodges on design theory

Peter will address the notion and feasibility of a general or universal design theory. Using diagrammatic empirical (visual) evidence he will argue, at an abstract level, design can be generally described. However, the reality of limited knowledge, and limited cognitive and computational resources means the practice of design is based on iterative generation and evaluation. He will discuss some of the implications of this for design methods and design practice.

Do you want to disrupt with me? How using provocation can improve the design of persuasive technologies
Jaime Rivera on theory driven design

Jaime proposes a structure participatory approach using provotypes (prototypes to provoke) to explore how people react when an uncommon experience challenges their established assumptions about how technology influences behavior.

The metamorphic power of negative emotions
Roberto Faller on design driven research

Roberto investigates how negative emotions play a role to assist people during key moments in their lives to build capacity, determination, and commitment to change. The lenses of design & emotion and persuasive interaction design are applied to prospective spaces such as healthcare, leisure time, and workspace.

Political implications of feminism in design
Maryam Heidaripour on design driven research

Maryam will talk about how living in a slum and devoting her career to enhance the living conditions for people at the bottom of the pyramid shaped her political viewpoint as a design researcher.