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Microgrid as Civic Infrastructure

April 27, 2021
9:00-10:30am CST
How will rewiring today's choices around electrical grids shape tomorrow's communities? Join us for our student led presentation.

"The increasing frequency of disruptions to our energy supply reminds us the fragility of the electric grid that we so readily rely on with consequences that can threaten not only our economy but human lives. It is clear that as a society we need to transition to renewable energy sources but the question remains how. One of the most intriguing solutions lies in the microgrid which, if viewed as a civic infrastructure, can radically transform our relationship with energy beyond its consumption.

Join us to explore how design can help unfold new futures enabled by the microgrid through the lenses of equity, anti-racism, circular economy and systems design. In this webinar, the team of graduate students will present their findings through the Sustainable Solutions Workshop led by Professor Carlos Teixeira at IIT Institute of Design (ID) followed by a panel discussion with experts from the energy sector and academia.