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Owning our Ethics: Principles for Design(ers)

November 1, 2018
6:00-8:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design at Kaplan Institute
3137 S. Federal Street 2nd Floor
Steelcase Commons, Chicago

In this Chicago Design Week event, we’ll assemble a cross-section of design professionals to discuss and stretch our conception of what it means to be an ethical designer in this increasingly data-rich and complicated world. 

The terms “design” and “designer” represent many different disciplines, skillsets, and outputs — such as interfaces, experiences, urban environments, services, and communications — yet they share a similar root: to create new and future solutions for people. Regardless of their particular expertise, designers hold a great deal of power and responsibility for conceiving of and producing these solutions in an ethical manner. This is increasingly important in a world where attributes like transparency, diversity, and inclusiveness are no longer just nice-to-haves but non-negotiables, and one in which data-driven algorithms and behavioral insights can be used to manipulate and mislead those on the receiving end if orchestrated by the wrong hands.

Building off of a series of conversations from “Design Intersections: Design, Data, and Behavior,” a conference hosted by ID in May 2018, our multi-disciplinary panel will explore how an emerging set of ethical design principles might inform different kinds of design. We’ll then invite participants to break into smaller groups, centered on duos of designers from complementary fields, to probe and expand on what it means to design in an ethical way.

Purchase a ticket to receive a book that synthesizes the conversations from last year's Design Intersections convening, which includes ethical principles for responsible design.