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Service Design for Networked Experiences Workshop

June 6, 2013
5:30-7:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design
350 N LaSalle St
Chicago, IL 60654

Services are no longer delivered only by companies, but through P2P, crowdsourcing, sharing, collaborative consumption and other networks. This is a dramatically different user experience context that demands a new approach to service design.

On June 6th, Claro Partners will host a workshop with ID on the impact of the shift from ownership to access. Claro will share global research insights in this new opportunity space to highlight design principles to design for a new "access economy.” In a mini workshop, participants will rapidly prototype a new service for a networked world.

Workshop Leads

Rich Radka
Rich is a founding partner at Claro Partners in Barcelona. Claro anticipates shifts in human behaviour in relationship to technology to identify new market opportunities and to create consumer value propositions that link to multi-stakeholder business models. With almost 20 years of experience, Rich uncovers insights about latent user needs and desires, and turns these insights into innovative new products, services, experiences and business strategies.

Abby Margolis
Abby is director of research at Claro Partners. She has a natural talent of making sense of people’s behaviors and attitudes within the context of their environments. Drawing from models in social science, design and business, she creates frameworks that make complex systems and behaviors easy to understand, interact with, and act from. She was previously the Design Ethnographer at Ziba Design, and has her PhD in Anthropology.