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Strategy World Tour São Paulo

October 10-12, 2016
State of São Paulo
São Paulo
SP 03003,

In São Paulo, the rapid pace of change and critical crises across many sectors, also suggests opportunities for human-centered advancement that design can help inform. In October 2016, IIT Institute of Design will embark on its second year of the Strategy World Tour with a three day tour of São Paulo. A small group of designers, executive, researchers and students will participate in the immersive experience. We’ll visit leaders of the emerging fintech industry like Nubank and Jeitto—leveraging new digital technology to provide financial services previously unavailable in the region—as well as leadership pushing the envelope on creative banking solutions. We'll meet influential venture capitalists who support startups and workshop in the maker space WE FAB. We'll visit Fluxo, a networked journalism collective created by Bruno Torturra, responsible for Mídia Ninja, a journalism phenomenon that emerged from the protests in Brazil. We'll explore emerging examples of innovation solutions in education and those stemming from the global maker movement.

October 8-9

In addition to the core program, we invite participants to attend an optional overnight at the scenic FAF coffee farm and bed and breakfast on the outskirts of the city on the Saturday and Sunday preceding the tour.

Special Guests

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Additional Tour Dates

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