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Translating Design to Business

February 21, 2018
6:00-8:00pm CST
IIT Institute of Design
565 W Adams St 7th floor
Chicago, IL 60661

Design thought leaders are in demand. Maya purchased by Boston Consulting Group. Doblin by Deloitte. Fjord by Accenture. Many prominent design firms have been acquired by management consultancies in recent years and other large firms, like EY, are building design expertise in-house.

What does all this mean for designers and the design profession and what does it mean for business consultants working side by side with their new design colleagues?

Join us for a conversation about management consulting and design. Panelists with experience at Doblin (Deloitte), Fjord (Accenture), EY, and Capgemini will give their take on the current environment and what lies ahead.

Linda Pulik, Senior Design Director at Fjord
Jenni Schneiderman, Senior Consultant at EY
Ryan Pikkel, Senior Design Leader at Doblin (now part of Deloitte Digital)
Mike Roberts, Freelance Consultant and Capgemini alumni

Julie D. Brown, Deloitte alumn and Master of Design Methods candidate