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Daniel Krieglstein

Founding Principal, Watch My Page

Daniel is a product manager, behavioral signals scientist, and a founding principal at Watch My Page.

He holds a master’s of science and a PhD in psychology, both from from Illinois Tech. Following his clinical training, Daniel turned his grant-funded dissertation into a database company, beginning his transition from clinician to technologist.

Industry Experience

Working with Fortune 500 companies across multiple business sectors, Daniel has developed Behavioral Signal Design as a tool for building more predictive KPIs. His work involves the application of psychological principles to technology development and brand messaging. His experience spans clinical, research, teaching, administrative, and technology development.

Daniel has worked with digital technologies as both a researcher and consultant for over a decade, including projects with AUDI USA; International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association; American Heart Association, Northwestern University; and Success Mortgage Partners. He has pioneered user communication as experimentation for product development and brand messaging. This research has been presented at the annual Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies conferences as well as the International Society for Universal Dialogue.

Daniel taught psychology courses at Illinois Tech for eight years and at Northeastern Illinois University for two years. He has been instructing computer coding and behavioral design in Illinois Tech’s Information Technology and Management program since 2015 and at the Institute of Design since 2023.

He serves as a board member of the International Society for Universal Dialogue. He is also a peer reviewer for the Journal of Clinical Psychology, a Senior Editor on Wikipedia, a novice coder, and an avid gamer.

Selected Work

Symposium Lectures
Krieglstein, D. 2018. “The Secrets of Social Media Data Collection: Why increased collection may be the ethical position”. Convention of the International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD), Lima, Peru.

Krieglstein, D., Ronen, M., & Sher, T. 2007. “Food Choices and Dietary Intake as Predictors of Perceived Marital Satisfaction for Self and Partner”.  41st Annual Convention of the Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), Philadelphia, PA.

Paper Presentations
Krieglstein, D., Baker, K., & Sher, T. 2009. “Discovering commonalities between specialties by developing a community driven database that fosters multidisciplinary research in psychology.” 43rd Annual Convention of ABCT, New York, NY.

Baker, K., Krieglstein, D., & Sher, T. 2009. “We Want Change: The Effect of Stages of Change and Relationship Satisfaction on Behavior Change in a Coronary Artery Disease Population.” 43rd Annual Convention of ABCT, New York, NY.

Krieglstein, D., Niel, K., & Sher, T. 2008. “Making Treatment Last: Turning Online Communities into Support Communities for Cancer Patients.” 42nd Annual Convention of ABCT, Orlando, FL.

Krieglstein, D. 2008. “Emotion: The Building Block of Panpsychism.” Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson, AZ.

Krieglstein, D. & Sher, T. 2006. “Was There Anything Else? Understanding the Utility of a Qualitative Question in Quantitative Analyses.” 40th Annual Convention of ABCT, Chicago, IL.

Hlubocky, F., Tennant, J., Pawlowski, K., Krieglstein, D.; & Sher, T. 2006. “Taking Attendance: Medical Outcomes and Group Attendance in a Couples Intervention for Cardiac Risk Reduction.” 40th Annual Convention of ABCT, Chicago, IL.

Hydes, N., Krieglstein, D., Nightingale, V.; & Sher, T. 2005. “On Some of the Patients Some of the Time: Patient Self-Report Across Time and Measure in a Cardiac Risk Reduction Group.” 39th Annual Convention of ABCT, Washington, DC.

Nightingale, V., Krieglstein, D., Duffecy, J., & Sher, T. 2004. “Depression and Group Attendance in a Couples Intervention for Cardiac Risk Reduction.” 38th Annual Convention of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy (AABT), New Orleans, LA.

Moran, D., Krieglstein, D., Sadhwani, A., & Tal, M. 2003. “Depression and Fluency of Negative Thinking.” 37th Annual Convention of AABT, Boston, MA.

Krieglstein, D. 2001. “Can Consciousness Fulfill an Evolutionary Role?” Toward a Science of Consciousness: Consciousness and its Place in Nature Conference, Skovde, Sweden.