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Dr. Marc R. Hannah

Co-founder, Silicon Graphics Inc.


Dr. Marc Hannah co-founded Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) and spent 16 years helping grow the company from a small start-up to a multibillion dollar computer hardware and software company with products from desktop workstations to large, multiprocessor supercomputers. When Marc left the company in 1997, he was vice president and chief scientist.

Since leaving SGI, Marc has done consulting projects for SGI and other companies and has had high positions in multiple start-ups, including vice president of technology for Omniverse Digital Solutions, a minority-focused web-based media company; vice president of product architecture for Pulsent Corporation, a technology company developing compression technology for video delivery over the Internet; and chief technology officer for SongPro, a consumer electronics company focused on offering portable media players cartridges and content for the Nintendo Game Boy. Marc has also served on several corporate boards. He is a partner in SUDA (Strategic Urban Development Alliance), an Oakland-based development company with projects in the San Francisco Bay Area and Ghana.