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Yuli Patrick Hsieh

Research Survey Methodologist & Digital Sociologist

Yuli Patrick Hsieh


Dr. Y. Patrick Hsieh is a Survey Methodologist and Digital Sociologist in the Program for Research in Survey Methodology (PRISM) in RTI International’s Survey Research Division. His expertise includes developing mixed-method research, designing traditional and Web-based questionnaires, and integrating digital technologies into such as mobile and social media into survey methodology to improve research design and data quality. Dr. Hsieh’s substantive research experiences concern the implications of information and communication technologies for social relationships and digital inequalities in people’s social, psychological, and economic well-being.

At RTI, Patrick’s technical role provides assessment and/or implementation of web survey instrument for numerous clients. He also led a social media market sizing analysis for a confidential client and three research grant applications. Patrick also conducted cognitive interviews and usability testing for the Multilingual Research for 2020 Census on the web instrument of Census Test, non-response follow-up interview application, and a mock-up design of hosting website in major non-English languages.

Specialties: Internet and social media studies, survey questionnaire design
Data analysis, survey software development

Stata, SPSS, SAS, UCINET, Pajek, NodeXL, NVivo