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With Intent Podcast

With Intent is a podcast from ID. In Season 3, forthcoming in fall 2024, co-hosts Albert Shum and Thamer Abanami will discuss the best designs from yesterday and how they can tell us what responsible design looks like tomorrow.

In Season 2, Scratching the Surface podcast host Jarrett Fuller, ID’s 2022–23 Latham Fellow, hosted conversations about the state of design and ID’s latest chapter as we celebrated 85 Years of Making the Future. These conversations are also collected in the book, Where Must Design Go Next?

In Season 1, host and producer Kristin Gecan talked to a range of people—writers, business strategists, policymakers, doctors, community organizers—about how they use design in their work.

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Jarrett Fuller talking and gesturing
  • S2 eP1

    How Does Someone Become a Designer?

    Jarrett Fuller asks, How does someone become a designer? in the first episode of Season Two of With Intent. This episode features Tomoko Ichikawa, Associate Professor of Visual Communication, and Marty Thaler, Associate Professor of Product Design. Tomoko and Marty discuss ID’s Foundation sequence—possibly the strongest tie that ID has today with its history as The New Bauhaus. (Foundation at ID makes it possible for nondesigners to enter our graduate school.)


  • S1 eP10

    Hope and Action with Mushon Zer-Aviv

    Mushon Zer-Aviv is an activist, artist, and designer. He’s currently at work on devising new ways of understanding change and the future—ways that account for the limits of forecasting and consider the “darkness” of the future as a place for hope and possibility.

    He also discusses systemic bias, the value of small talk, his appreciation for Rebecca Solnit, Naomi Klein, and Milton Friedman, and how his work brings provocation and action together.


  • S1 eP9

    Meaningful Work with Marina Gorbis

    Marina Gorbis is executive director of the Institute for the Future, a place where business executives, policymakers, nonprofits, and others use foresight and futuring techniques to make better long-term decisions. For example, you might work with the Institute for the Future to anticipate and be able to plan for a worldwide pandemic.

    In fact, Marina worked on just such a project years before COVID hit. Now that the pandemic is real, interest in futuring has spiked. Marina talks about what futuring is and the trends she’s seeing—in particular, how our relationship with work is changing. She also talks about how she defines value creation, that project that anticipated the pandemic, and her current project, the Equitable Enterprise Initiative.


  • S1 eP8

    Faith and Permanence with Jon Veal

    Jon Veal is co-founder of alt_, an organization that focuses on the power of community. The alt_ market is the organization’s flagship program. Their first market transformed an abandoned space into a communal free market, encouraging community members to give, take, and take care of one another.

    Jon talks about how serving his community and making art come together for him, the importance of faith in his work, and the planning he and his co-founder, Jordan Campbell, have done to help secure their organization’s longevity.


  • S1 eP7

    Social Arrangements with Kenneth Bailey

    Kenneth Bailey, co-founder of the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI), and co-author of Ideas, Arrangements, Effects, talks about his approach to building a better possible world. Talking about specific projects like Public Kitchen, as well as the thinking and pragmatism shared in his book, Kenneth presents an approach to building that new world.

    As he sees it, one must go beyond the problems we see and experience every day to understand the systems, infrastructures, or “arrangements” that underpin them.



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Kristin Gecan

Assistant Dean & Senior Director for Content

Contact Kristin with media inquiries, guest ideas, and other feedback.

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