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Research Methods & Team

The 2020 Lead with Purpose report was the outcome of 51 one-on-one, 60-minute interviews with US design and/or business practitioners. These practitioners were diverse in their perspectives, incorporating both the viewpoints of design-trained professionals (~60% of sample) and non-design trained professionals who regularly interface with the design function of their organization (~40%).

We intentionally sought input from a mix of organization types, sizes, and industries. Most notably we sought the voice of middle managers (director and managerial levels). These are the people who are scaling design within their organizations.

Please find more information about our researchers, research participants, research sponsors, and sources below.

Research Team

A panel of speakers at the Institute of Design in Chicago.

Graduate Researchers

Divya Iyengar (MDes 2019)

Divya Jain (MDes 2019)

Prapti Jha (MDes 2019)

Laurel Komos (MDes 2019)

Renjie Li (MDes 2019)

Julia Rochlin (MDes 2020)

Harsh Wardhan (MDes 2019)

Andi Zhou (MDes 2019)

Research Partners

Brianna Sylver, Adjunct Faculty, ID; and Founder and President, Sylver Consulting

Adriano Galvao, Vice President, Research and Business Operations, Sylver Consulting

Jean McDonnell, Director of Innovation Research and Strategy, Sylver Consulting

Andrew Russell, Design Researcher, Sylver Consulting

Expert Reviewers

Allan Chochinov, Chair of the MFA in Products of Design graduate program at the School of Visual Arts, New York, and Partner, Core77

Roger Martin, Institute Director, Martin Prosperity Institute and the Michael Lee-Chin Family Institute for Corporate Citizenship, Rotman School of Management, Toronto, and Premier’s Chair in Productivity and Competitiveness

Corporate Partners


Brandon Schauer, Head of Enterprise Design

Jessica Striebich, Design People Development Manager


Sandy Fershee, Lab Director, D-Ford Detroit

Shel Kimen, Head of Design Thinking, Learning and Community


Miles Orkin, Google Cloud UX Vision and Culture Lead


Nathan Weyer, Chief Operating Officer, Philips Experience Design

Paul Gardien, Head of Design Strategy and Innovation, Philips Experience Design

Mark Buchalter, Design Director, North America

Kyle Vice, Studio Director, Design Director UX


Jason Gaikowski, Global Lead, Brand and Business Design


Teddy Zmrhal, Senior Managing Director, Strategic Innovation

Mario Ruiz, Practice Director, Business Technology Innovation

Research Partners

Denis Weil, Dean

Stephanie Smith, Director of Corporate + Community Partner Engagement

Kristin Gecan, Director of Content + Influence


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For design practitioner sample charts, please download the report PDF and see page 48.

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