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Assistant Dean Matt Mayfield Selected as Coleman Fellow

August 24, 2015

Assistant Dean of Academics, Matt Mayfield is one of three IIT faculty members selected as a Coleman Fellow this year. This is the 7th year of the program focused on teaching concepts of entrepreneurship outside of traditional business school programs. Matt’s work in this program will be prototyping online and digital tools to teach concepts of entrepreneurship.

The Coleman Fellows Program was established to advance one of the funding strategies in the Foundation’s entrepreneurship program: to catalyze cross-campus entrepreneurship. A key goal of the Program is to empower Fellows to effectively spread self-employment education across his or her campus. There are over 15 colleges across the US involved in the Coleman Fellows Program. Nik Rokop (MDM 2012) is the IIT director and liaison with the Coleman Foundation this year. He is responsible for selecting Fellows and building IIT’s campus team.

Goals of the Fellows Program:

  1. Build support for entrepreneurship education in non-business departments across campuses of participating schools;
  2. Advance the Coleman Foundation’s Definition of Entrepreneurship with focus on self-employment and for-profit business creation; and
  3. Cultivate cohorts of entrepreneurship educators on individual campuses and across many disciplines outside the school of business.

Intended impact of Coleman Foundation Entrepreneurship Education Funding:

  • Emerging student entrepreneurs will experience richer experiential co-curricular activities over the course of their programs
  • Emerging entrepreneurs will be successful at starting and running businesses

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