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Cecilia Tham, 2023 Women in Tech Top Speaker, on Synthesizing Futures

December 12, 2023

Cecilia Tham portrait with modular brand treatment
PhD Researcher Shares Professional Insights with ID Community

Cecilia Tham, named a 2023 Women in Tech 100 Top Speaker, is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Design. She recently presented her professional work in synthesizing futures to the ID community. The video is available below, on YouTube, and on Vimeo.

Tham examined how a combination of scientific analysis and creative thinking can inform a futurist perspective.

Cecilia Tham: How to Synthesize and Design Futures with Science

PhD researcher Cecilia Tham discusses how combining the rigor of science with the imagination of design can help us navigate the unknown and create a better future.

She also addresses the importance of diversity and inclusiveness in futurist forecasting and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration to ensure that future scenarios are grounded in reality and reflect the values and needs of all members of society.

Cecilia MoSze Tham (PhD 2026) is the founder and CEO of Futurity Systems. Tham was formerly a Social Technologist at Alpha Telefonica, Europe’s first moonshot factory, and a serial entrepreneur who founded multiple companies such as Makers of Barcelona, FabCafe, and She has served as an advisor to UN World Food Program X, SXSW, and the City Government of Barcelona, as well as private companies.

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