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Identifying Bias in Hiring, Promotion, and Tenure Decisions

By Kristin Gecan

April 5, 2021

Rethinking Research Assessment: Unintendended & Cognitive System Biases
In Nature Index, ID professor Ruth Schmidt shares seven biases to watch out for in research assessment

In Rethinking research assessment: 7 sources of bias to watch out for at your institution” at Nature Index, ID Associate Professor Ruth Schmidt explains why introducing diversity and anti-bias training initiatives at higher education institutions isn’t enough:

Research assessment is a systemic issue, not an individual issue. Unless you embed debiasing into institution systems and structures, you’re only solving a little piece of the problem.
—ID Associate Professor Ruth Schmidt

Read the full post to better understand the role of confirmation bias, the halo effect, and more. More information is also available via a four-part blog series. And learn more about Schmidt’s work with the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) here.

A one-pager is also available to download.