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Kim Erwin and Larry Keeley at Transform

September 9, 2014

Professor Kim Erwin and adjunct professor Larry Keeley spoke at Mayo Clinic’s Transform conference.

Mayo Clinic’s conference, Transform brought design minds and medical thought leaders together to inspire the future of healthcare. Over three days of talks, forums, and networking activities, doctors, community organizers, and designers made the case for a new human-centric vision of healthcare. Professor Kim Erwin and adjunct professor Larry Keeley were both invited to speak at the event.

Kim Erwin presented actionable communication methods that make innovative ideas stick stating, “You have to get people to see things from the future, not critique them through the past.” She recommends prototypes to elicit actionable feedback and make sure designers are not seen as a people apart. She asked that we think of communication is a platform not a signal and make it an integral part of the innovation process.

Kim also had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Chris Farrell, economics correspondent for Marketplace, a nightly American Public Media radio show and editor of APM’s Marketplace Money. Kim and Chris discussed some of the concepts in her book Communicating the New. Her interview will be featured as part of an Minnesota Public Radio series on innovation to be released in the next few months.

Larry Keeley closed the second day of Transform with an examination of the levels of innovation. He described modern innovation as “more about elegant integration than primary invention” requiring crowds, clouds, partners, and prizes. The change coming will bring ecosystems with more value than individual companies.

Watch Kim’s presentation | Watch Larry’s presentation