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Ruth Schmidt and Will Rutter Discuss Positive Sum Design

April 5, 2022

Positive Sum Design panel
Learn more about fostering win-win outcomes

Associate professor Ruth Schmidt and current MDes + MPPA student Will Rutter are panelists on the Yale Center for Engineering, Innovation, and Design’s first live conversation about positive sum design, a topic sits at the intersection of systems, behavioral, and humanity-centered design.

Will summarizes positive sum design on Medium:

Positive Sum Design (PSD) is a combined cultural critique and basis for approaching a design practice. Borrowing language and concepts from the field of game theory, PSD eschews zero-sum bias and suggests that the gains from positive-sum systems and interactions are of paramount importance as we forge culture and design the shared world. Arguably, PSD challenges designers to do what they have always done: create in a way that yields a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

You can learn more about positive sum design and the panelists here.

Join the informal discussion on Zoom this Friday, April 8, 12:30–2pm CT:

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 875 2595 8396
Passcode: Eitb3k