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Advanced Listening and Presentation in Design I

Advanced Listening and Presentation in Design I

The course's curriculum, professors, peers encouraged me a lot and gave many opportunities to understand not only English skills like speaking and listening but also diverse cultural perspectives.
—English for Design Alumnus

Objective & Outcomes

This course will introduce communication strategies necessary for international students to achieve their goals in academic and professional environments. Students will develop increased real-time fluency and clarity in extended discussions of design-related material. The course will also enable students to develop skills in presenting their own designs and design processes. Strategies for effective listening and clear American English pronunciation will also be covered. 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify key concepts in lectures and presentations, engage in extended discussions, and deliver formal presentations on design topics.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Self-Introductions & Small Talk
  • Session 2: Conversational Skills: Beginning, maintaining, ending conversations & active listening
  • Session 3: Discussion Skills: Clarification
  • Session 4: Discussion Skills: Expressing opinion, agreement, disagreement
  • Session 5: Discussion Skills: Polite language
  • Session 6: Listening: Identifying key ideas & signposts
  • Session 7: Intercultural Communication
  • Session 8: Presentation: Structure & organization
  • Session 9: Conducting Field Interviews
  • Session 10: Conducting Field Interviews
  • Session 11: Cross-Cultural Conversation
  • Session 12: Workshop
  • Session 13: Draft Presentation: Cross-cultural comparison & feedback
  • Session 14: Final Presentation: Cross-cultural comparison