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Agile Culture

Agile Culture

Understanding key principles, values, culture/behaviors, and methods of Agile in design practice.

I feel like I understand agile at a high theoretical level, as well as know how to quickly learn a team’s agile practice and operate in their system, and even look for opportunities to improve it.
—Former Student

Objective & Outcomes

Design Thinking is about defining the right work, and Agile practices are about doing the work right. Agile culture is about clarity of purpose and that all work directly supports the overall value delivered to customers. This course will be a balance of understanding key principles, values, culture/behaviors, and practices of Agile and applying them through learning by doing with peers on an actual problem.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to decompose a strategy statement into “who, what, wow“ statements, specific features and functions and a backlog of prioritized work that can trace back to the strategic statement in a virtuous cycle.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Situational Awareness
  • Session 2: Project Statement, Hill Statements & Definitions
  • Session 3: Stories & Epics
  • Session 4: Presentation by Company Doing Design Thinking & Agile
  • Session 5: Acceptance Criteria
  • Session 6: Sizing & Prioritize the Backlog