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Agile for Design Outcomes

Agile for Design Outcomes

Understanding key principles, values, culture/behaviors, and methods of Agile in design practice.

Objective & Outcomes

The Institute of Design instills in its students to think strategically about a situation and reframe it by using specific design methods to deliver user-centered & business value. The challenge is in transitioning from qualitative reframing of problems to actually creating a solution that is ready for market. This gap will be addressed by linking human centered methods with using agile practices to create deeper greater specificity of a solution that can actually be released to market.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to create a focused point-of-view and reframe a problem, decompose a strategy statement into “who, what, wow“ statements, generate a service blueprint, map to specific features and functions and a backlog of prioritized work – that can trace back to the strategic statement in a virtuous cycle.

Typical Schedule

  • Module 1: Exploring & Reframing a Problem
  • Module 2: Defining a Minimum Viable Solution & Roadmap
  • Module 3: Creating a Prioritized Backlog of Work
  • Module 4: Developing a Minimum Viable Prototype