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Animated Diagramming

Animated Diagramming

Explores the use and design of dynamic and interactive qualities for effective visualizations.

Objective & Outcomes

This course explores and applies dynamic and interactive qualities of content to create understandable, effective visualizations. Students will review current theories and examine real-world examples of data narratives, data visualization, and time-based visualizations. Students will analyze motion, narration, transitions, and other visual properties that can enhance comprehension. As this field evolves and new tools emerge, the course will also look to define additional principles and hypotheses about good design practices.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to apply dynamic/interactive properties to presentations and critique existing visualizations constructively.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Introduction to Dynamic Visualizations
  • Session 2: Dynamic Visualization Theories
  • Session 3: Visual Narratives
  • Session 4: Geospatial Representations
  • Session 5: Time Visualizations
  • Session 6: Concept Explanations
  • Session 7: Experiencing Data Visualization