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Business Design

Business Design

Practical understanding of how businesses create and appropriate value across supply chain and stakeholder networks.

Course offers an opportunity to think like a business while incorporating [the] human and society-centered solutions ID is good at.
—ID alumni

Objective & Outcomes

In this course, students will develop a practical understanding of how business models are used to create appropriate value for participants in a value web, such as core business, its customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Students will work together through the semester to explore and develop new business model concepts in diverse industry and social sectors. Topics include value proposition, value creation, delivery, and capture. We will explore competitive and cooperative approaches to creating economic and social value.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to demonstrate how a business can create and allocate value across a web of participants and effectively communicate the business model to win supporters.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Course Introduction: Business models, theories of the firm
  • Session 2: What Is Value?
  • Session 3: Value Creation: How & with whom
  • Session 4: Value Ecosystems: Partnerships
  • Session 5: Value Capture: Finances
  • Session 6: Financing Your Business
  • Session 7: Course Wrap-Up: Presentations