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Critique Methods

Critique Methods

Explore the various types and techniques of critique and their usefulness at different stages of the design process.

Objective & Outcomes

There are various forms and contexts where critique takes place in worlds as disparate as art, design, and business. This course will introduce students to the theory and application of critique methods. Students will study accepted practices and other related forms of critique, with the objective of creating a personal theory and practice of critique that can be applied to their design practice.  

Upon completing the course, students will have a pragmatic understanding of the theory and practice of critique in multiple contexts.


Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Creating a Personal Theory & Practice of Design Critique
  • Session 2: Questions & Frameworks for Assessing Design
  • Session 3: Critique Methods & Exercises
  • Session 4: Practicing Critique & Consequence Scanning
  • Session 5: Practicing Critique & Critiques of Design Under Capitalism
  • Session 6: Getting to Yes! Embracing the Wonder & Joy in Your Inner-Designer & Contending with Power Asymmetries
  • Session 7: Final Presentations, Discussion & Critiquing this Course