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Critique Methods




Assessment & Critique

Credit Hours


Explore the various types of critique and their usefulness at different stages of the design process

This course will introduce students to the theory and application of critique methods. There are various forms and contexts where critique takes place in worlds as disparate as art, design, and business. In this course, students will receive an overview of accepted practices and other related forms of critique, with the objective of collectively designing a versatile, contextual method for critique that can be universally applied for design and design related work. Adjacent forms and philosophical representation of the meaning behind critique will also form the basis of this work. The resulting critique form will potentially become a new standard for this practice at ID, so students who participate will have the opportunity to start shaping a designed culture of critique at the school.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce students to the theory and current application of critique methods both in design and in adjacent fields
  • Investigate the philosophical representation of critique and related forms
  • Develop a universally applicable critique form to be used in student design work and teams

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop a rooted understanding of the theory and practice of critique in multiple contexts
  • Students will have a critique form to apply to their work at ID and beyond that, they will have co-created and practiced during the class term

Format & Grading

Classes will consist of a mixture of lecture and applied work as the critique form is developed. Work outside of class will consist of practicing and prototyping the critique forms developed in class in addition to written reflection. Grades will be determined based on class participation, student ability to contribute and develop their own understanding and utility of the developed critique form, and the quality of student reflections.

Enrollment Restrictions

No prerequisites. This course is open to all Institute of Design students