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Data Literacy

Data Literacy

Introduction to the methods, tools, and techniques for working with quantitative data in the design process.

I used pivot tables today! I work with many SCAD grads and they did not have exposure to working with large data sets... this is just one example of how ID’s wide exposure approach has benefited me.
—Jeff Sprague ‘22

Objective & Outcomes

This course provides an introduction to working with quantitative data in a variety of contexts that a designer may encounter during the course of her career. These topics range from using survey and sensor or analytics data during research phases; projecting value of new design innovations; and some introductory data science topics when designing data-centric experiences.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Basics of Working with Spreadsheets
  • Session 2: Data Types & Structures
  • Session 3: Tableau for Basic Visualizations & Geospatial Data
  • Session 4: Basic Statistics in R
  • Session 5: Budget Basics & Calculating Future Value of Innovations
  • Session 6: Data Ethics & Storytelling with Data
  • Session 7: Course Review & Final Presentations