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Embodied Design

Embodied Design

Advances knowledge and skills for three-dimensional design experiences.

[It] gave me the opportunity to understand more contextual aspects of product design that look beyond the final form while allowing me the creative freedom to explore materials, tools and applications.
—Luce James, MDes 2023

Objective & Outcomes

During this course, students will explore the skills and tools of three-dimensional design (the built world). By using a structured design process, students learn to analyze problems, define issues, and develop multiple ideas leading to detailed concepts that are clearly defined and defensible. Students will learn to create a strong point of view about user needs, resulting in viable product solutions.

At the end of this course, students will be able to successfully work on design problems by framing opportunity areas, identifying user issues, working within constraints, prototyping throughout the design process, and presenting their solutions through many forms of visualization, all while developing a sensitivity to the importance of craft in design.

Typical Schedule

Two 7-week product development cycles are completed.

The first project results in a concept presentation with a physical model and PDF presentation.

The second project results in a works-like product and a single displayed image which shows the product in use.