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Evidence-Based Design




Assessment & Critique

Credit Hours


Introduction to the use of analytics measure the success of design solutions

This course will introduce students to the process of collecting and analyzing evidence to make more informed design decisions. Having measurable results can aid a design team in justifying design decisions as well as helping justify an expansion of design efforts. This course places an emphasis on quantitative metrics while also exploring how qualitative research can help inform tests as well as how findings in quantitative research can help justify qualitative research projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce students to digital analytics as well as providing an overview of some of the more common tools
  • Provide an overview of experimental design techniques necessary for the successful evaluation of design (from concepts through post-launch)
  • Help students gain comfort in thinking about design quantitatively and as testable experiments

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain confidence in working quantitative data to understand the impacts of their design on business objectives
  • Students will understand when quantitative research is appropriate and when mixed methods or purely qualitative methods are needed

Format & Grading

Classes will consist of discussions around intersections of data and design based on readings and exercises aimed at introducing students to a variety of topics related to inputting and using data in digital systems. Grades will be determined based on participation in class as well as student ability to demonstrate core course topics in their final presentation.

  • Discussion: 30%
  • Weekly assignments: 45%
  • Final presentation: 25%
  • 5-7 minute presentations (length = 20%)

Enrollment Restrictions

No prerequisites. This course is open to all Institute of Design students.