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Experience Modeling

Experience Modeling

Examines the process and methods to describe experiences for the purposes of improving them.

Objective & Outcomes

As the number of touch points with customers have exploded, the challenge in understanding and managing a multi-channel customer experience has become increasingly problematic. This course covers the process and methods of “Experience Modeling” – illustrating current and potential future experiences for the purpose of design-led innovation. 

Upon completion of this course, students will have ways to describe and depict experiences through both heuristic and generative methods. Emphasis is placed on critique of different types of models–people, journey, mode, value, and ecosystem oriented. 

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Why Experience (Modeling) Matters
  • Session 2: People Models
  • Session 3: Journey Models
  • Session 4: Modal Models
  • Session 5: Values Models
  • Session 6: Ecosystem Models
  • Session 7: Integrating Models: Experience maps
  • Session 8: Understanding to Opportunity Identification
  • Session 9: Illustrating Opportunities
  • Session 10: Creating a Compelling Story
  • Session 11: Organizational Implications
  • Session 12: Final Presentations
  • Session 13: Final Presentations
  • Session 14: Final Presentations