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Innovation Narratives





Credit Hours


Explores communication methods to give tangible form to valuable information throughout the development process

In both professional and academic careers, there is an increased need for storytelling skills and self-awareness. TED Talks have truly changed the way we expect content to be delivered. Creating passion-filled, compelling, and effective stories is a critical part of leadership. Class time will be focused on unpacking and exploring five unique approaches to arranging and presenting information for the sake of storytelling.  We have words. We have visual elements. We have the ability to interpersonally communicate through body language, personality, and tone of voice.

Learning Objectives

Using real projects, the course will cover five unique techniques for storytelling, visual narrative as it relates to storytelling, offer time for in-class critique, and showcase how to utilize unique personality and ability to tell the best possible story to win over audiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be less dependent on slides to deliver content by developing a consciousness of visual narrative
  • Become familiar with useful story arcs for presenting innovations
  • Apply theoretical knowledge through interacting with the class and gaining feedback in the moment
  • Be more self-aware of how their own interpersonal communication style can enhance their ability to tell stories.

Format & Grading

Class Participation 50%, Final Presentations 50%

As a 7-week course, attendance is required. Critique and prep time are both big components of this course. Classes start on time. It is expected that all students will be prepared to begin critiques at the start of class.

Enrollment Restrictions

No prerequisites. This course is open to all Institute of Design students.