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Interaction Design for Immersive Systems




Digital + Physical UX

Credit Hours


Explores interaction design issues for immersive media experiences.

This course explores interaction design issues for immersive media experiences that are enabled by visual formats such as multiple displays and immersive displays (e.g. head-mounted displays) and are used for applications such as vehicle simulators and augmented reality environments. In particular, we will look at the use of interaction models and techniques to provide users/participants with useful performance support by understanding principles and applying strategies for managing multimodal interaction, task delegation, adaptive interactions, and persuasive technologies. Consider the new world of interaction enabled by products such as Pokemon Go, HoloLens, Cardboard, and Oculus Rift.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn terminology and concepts related to immersive environments and systems such as the mixed reality spectrum, multimodal interaction, embodied conversational agents, and elements of a context-aware system.

Learning Outcomes

After concluding this course, the graduate will have gained perspective on the field of immersive systems and be able to identify different types of immersive experiences, design challenges, and principles that can be used to research and design engaging immersive environments and experiences. The students will be creating and present designs that use these principles and demonstrate their understanding of immersive systems concepts.

Format & Grading

Typically, classes are conducted as a combination of lectures by the professor, discussions among class members, in-class exercises, and homework that is presented at subsequent classes. Attendance and participation in every class is important.

Students are graded on their classroom involvement (30%), their individual project (50%), and in-class assignments (20%).

Enrollment Restrictions

No prerequisites. This course is open to all Institute of Design students.