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Introduction to Objects & Artifacts





Credit Hours


Creates the foundation of knowledge and skills for three-dimensional design

At the end of this course, students should be able to explore, create, and communicate design directions for simple products and environments taking into account design principles, human factors, technology, and business issues.

Learning Objectives

Students learn about the design process through a series of product design projects. Methods to analyze, explore, express, and critique design concepts and a vocabulary of design will become familiar. Core principles for design are introduced and through the iterative practice of increasingly difficult problem spaces. Students will also gain knowledge for tackling the design of small-scale products.

Learning Outcomes

Students will understand what a design problem is, ways to structure a design problem, how to ideate using prototyping to explore their thinking and represent their solutions. Students will gain an ability to express through reasoned explanations, images, and models their ideas throughout the design process. Many techniques from sketching to computer modeling are covered. A key aspect is learning the culture of design: learning through doing, being project-based, working in the studio environment, and actively participating in critiques.

Format & Grading

The course runs as an all-day studio class. A series of projects provide students with experiences to develop their design thinking and skills. By using a structured design process, students learn to analyze problems, define issues, and develop multiple ideas leading to detailed concepts that are clearly defined and defendable. Students learn to delineate a strong point of view fitting user needs resulting in viable product solutions. An emphasis is placed on building skills in sketching, 2D and 3D visualization, paper prototyping, storytelling, and presentation.

Evaluations will be based on contributions to class discussions and reviews, and the quantity and quality of the work. Quality work is substantive, conceptually strong, and visually clear.

Enrollment Restrictions

No prerequisites. This course is only available to Institute of Design Foundation students