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Metrics that Matter

Metrics that Matter

An exploration of how to measure activities and outcomes in design.

Objective & Outcomes

Products and solutions tend to grow in the direction we measure. Yet designers rarely specify those measures. This is largely because we have not invested in measurement strategies that create the data and evidence that industry, health and social sectors increasingly demand. As a result, design is measured on sector-level outcomes — sales, usage, community health — that are driven by many factors, not just the quality of a designed solution. 

In this course, students  explore how designers can develop their own interim measurement strategies that are more sensitive to design’s influence, thereby building data and evidence for their adoption and success. Students will emerge familiar with core terms and concepts in measurement and practice using a conceptual model to identify design-sensitive metrics. The course prepares students to advocate for metrics that matter in their professional practice and understand how to partner with professionals who have numeric expertise.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Introduction & Product Metrics
  • Session 2: Implementation Metrics
  • Session 3: Organizational Metrics
  • Session 4: Social Sector Metrics
  • Session 5: Process Metrics
  • Session 6: Final Project Coaching
  • Session 7: Final Presentations