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PhD Research Seminar

PhD Research Seminar

This course is a ‘full court’ seminar in which all doctoral students are invited and encouraged to participate and support doctoral research.

Objective & Outcomes

The purpose of this doctoral seminar is to stimulate critical, constructive and generous discussion of PhD students’ research and writing in progress, to continue cultivating a lively and supportive intellectual design research community. 

Investigation and discussion by faculty and students of topics of interest from different perspectives such as building a design research discourse (reading research papers critically, selecting among publication venues); investigating alternative philosophical bases for design research (comparing empirical, pragmatic, and phenomenological approaches); or exploring methodological and theoretical conflicts in design research.

Upon completion of the course, students will have a better understanding of their research arguments and progress on building their dissertation.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Introduction to Class
  • Session 2: Framing Research Questions
  • Session 3: Framing Research Questions
  • Session 4: Positioning Arguments
  • Session 5: Positioning Arguments
  • Session 6: Crafting Warrants
  • Session 7: Crafting Warrants
  • Session 8: Research Statement Structuring
  • Session 9: Research Statement Structuring
  • Session 10: Analogy, Metaphor & Simplifying Devices
  • Session 11: Analogy, Metaphor & Simplifying Devices
  • Session 12: Storyboarding Arguments
  • Session 13: Storyboarding Arguments