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Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

Explores the use of communication design as a thinking tool, narrative tool, and activation tool to give ideas tangible form and make them more compelling.

This course provides a wealth of knowledge to help designers be more intentional in how they communicate their ideas with others.
—Former student

Objective & Outcomes

This course teaches students strategies for how to use communication design as a tool throughout the design process in three ways; first, through employing structure to see patterns; next, by using narrative structures and levels of voice to shape a multi-dimensional argument supported by evidence; and finally, by communicating with the intent of engaging and activating audiences. Over the arc of the course, students will both give and act on weekly critiques to move from raw, unsorted data to a developed point of view that can motivate action.

After completing this course, students can confidently use communication tools and techniques to guide their work across all stages of design.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Overview of the Course & Structuring Data
  • Session 2: Using Communication Design and Visual Structures as a Thinking Tool
  • Session 3: Developing a Narrative Point of View
  • Session 4: Levels of Abstraction, Voice & Visual Structure
  • Session 5: Testimony: Forms of evidence to inform, persuade & inspire
  • Session 6: Considering the Audience: Delivering messages that matter
  • Session 7: Final Presentations