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Strategic Design Workshop

Strategic Design Workshop

Team-based course to apply innovation methods to a given problem and map out future possibilities.

Objective & Outcomes

The goal of this workshop is to plan innovation opportunities in a selected topic of interest. Teams will conceive offerings that an organization can build and map out future possibilities. Teams will go through a structured innovation process that includes researching the potential audience, understanding the context for the innovation, recognizing new opportunities, conceiving systemic solutions, and demonstrating how innovative new offerings will work.

Upon completing this course, students will be able to demonstrate how they can apply tools and techniques to understand and develop a compelling design direction for a given challenge. 

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Design Process & Methods
  • Session 2: Sense Intent
  • Session 3: Know Context & Know Users
  • Session 4: Frame Insights & Opportunities
  • Session 5: Explore Concepts
  • Session 6: Frame Solutions / Make Prototypes
  • Session 7: Produce Documents / Demonstrations
  • Session 8: Final Presentations