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Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling

Explore the art and science of short-form video storytelling to connect with and inspire an audience.

Objective & Outcomes

This course provides a methods-driven approach to communicating ideas with audio and video. You will practice core aspects of producing short-form video deliverables and apply them to a personal video that you will produce. Video is a powerful medium, from feature-length documentaries to a compelling 2-second GIF. With clear intent, a concise message, and considerations for a specific audience, video can quickly communicate complex ideas. By appealing to logic and emotion, you can form a connection with an audience, create traction for your ideas, and even convert viewers from the audience to advocates.

During this course, instructors and industry experts will provide guidance and structure to learn and apply the techniques of communicating your ideas with video. Students will learn introductory skills intended to craft compelling video deliverables by leveraging individual ideas and strengths combined with the myriad audio/video resources available.

Upon completing this course, students can produce a 1-3 minute video that leverages a blend of individually generated content and available footage and resources.

Typical Schedule

  • Session 1: Intros, Course Expectations, Video Types & Taxonomy
  • Session 2: Being Resourceful, Intro to Storyboarding
  • Session 3: Creating an Animatic, Recording Audio/Video
  • Session 4: Organizing Footage, ‘Punch-Up’
  • Session 5: Group Review & Critique, Finding the Story, Back to the Drawing Board
  • Session 6: Titles, Animation, Sound Design, Finishing Touches
  • Session 7: Final Video Premiere, Course Feedback