Design Intersections

Antoinette presenting at Design Intersections

Design increases its impact when it intersects and integrates other disciplines. For more than 10 years, ID has convened designers and business and social leaders to explore the implications of current design issues for key industries.

With Design Intersections, we continue to challenge the boundaries of design and seek to discover its intersections with and benefits for a range of industries and disciplines, including behavioral science, public policy, health care, financial services, communications, and technology.

The conference was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and is being re-imagined for 2021.

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Design + Networks + Activation

Design Intersections 2019

Design Intersections invited designers, executives, strategists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other diverse leaders across industries and sectors to explore how we can activate networks through activism, entrepreneurship, and leadership and achieve large scale impact.

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Design + Data + Behavior

Design Intersections 2018

Design Intersections explored how design, data, and behavior intersect to inform some of the knottiest issues of our time.

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Entrepreneurship + Emerging Technologies Panel, 2019