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EOYS 2024

Boundless: Design Beyond Limits

Today’s designers face new challenges at an unprecedented scale. At a moment of limitless technology and creativity, unknown frontiers ask us to imagine a world of reinvention. To rise to the occasion, designers must embrace emergent, evolving, and responsible practices that challenge traditional conventions.

“Boundless: Design Beyond Limits” invites us to discover new approaches through concepts, explorations, and design-driven solutions. This exhibition reveals a landscape of interconnected actions, systems, and tensions that can yield infinite possibilities.

Through the approaches of divergence, convergence, emergence, and resurgence, we can realize design’s impact and press towards the brink of new possibilities. By charting new courses at an accelerated rate, we can transform today into an imaginative and truly boundless tomorrow.

The cover image for the 2024 End of Year Show exhibition is titled
Designers must be ready to embrace technology in its fullest capacity. We cannot be satisfied with invention alone — instead, designers need to translate and apply new technologies towards transformative futures. At ID, we focus on design that impacts society and culture to solve the world’s biggest challenges. The 2024 End of Year Show is a testament to the many ways our students actively engage in this work as they embark as tomorrow’s future leaders.
—Anijo Mathew, Dean, Institute of Design
Background image for the 2024 End of Year Show exhibition. The background is light pink, and there are various visual elements in red, orange, and turquoise colors surrounding the title and subtitle.

Currently on View

Student work from “Boundless: Design Beyond Limits” is currently on view through Spring 2025.

Visit us at ID to see our students’ creativity, collaboration, and achievements from the 2023-24 academic year at the Kaplan Institute, 2nd Floor.


Endless possibility | Diverge

Separation, deviation, or branching out; to move or extend in different directions from a common point.


Driving solutions | Converge

Approaching limits; ideas, opinions, or paths coming together to reach a point of agreement or alignment.


Coming into view | Emerge

Becoming apparent, often from obscurity; arising or developing new concepts, technologies, or movements gaining prominence over time.


Renewing ideas | Resurge

Revival after a period of decline, inactivity, or obscurity; a sudden or notable increase in something previously diminished or subdued.