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End of Year Show

End of Year Show

ID’s End of Year Show launched in 2012 to highlight student work and give the public a glimpse into the range of issues addressed by ID students. Visitors have a chance to talk to students about their work at the opening or visit the ongoing show anytime during the year.

In 2020 and 2021, the show moved entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2022, the show has existed both in-person and online.

Explore the 2024 show.

End of year show exhibit

The cover image for the 2024 End of Year Show exhibition is titled

Boundless | 2024

Boundless: Design Beyond Limits reveals a design landscape of interconnected actions, systems, and tensions that can yield infinite possibilities. In charting new courses at an accelerated rate, we can transform today into an imaginative and truly boundless tomorrow.


MetaMorphers: Agents of Change

MetaMorphers | 2023

Discover how ID students transform ecosystems and entities from the way they were before, into something new, more impactful, more sensible, and more positive in MetaMorphers.


The Space Between

The Space Between | 2022

In The Space Between, ID students explored uncertainty and challenge — how in the space between the abnormal and a new normal lies opportunities to shape the future.



Students walking through the end of year show.
Students looking at projects