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Design for Equity: Chicago Fines & Fees Reform

March 9, 2021
5:00-6:30pm CST
ID students, faculty, and the Office of the City Clerk, discuss advancing equity in the city’s ticketing system.

Chicago parking tickets and other citations have led thousands of Chicagoans, most from low-income and minority neighborhoods, into debt. So ID students and faculty joined the Chicago Fines, Fees, & Access Collaborative with the Office of the City Clerk, Anna M. Valencia, to explore how to advance equity in the city’s ticketing system. Mark Jones’s Service Systems Workshop illuminated how the city can help residents navigate the payment process, remove barriers to paying tickets, and more proactively work as a partner and guide to residents to help keep them from debt spiral. In our panel discussion, City Clerk of Chicago Anna M. Valencia, ID faculty member Mark Jones, COFI POWER-PAC IL co-president and community advocate Rosazlia Grillier (Ms. Rose), and ID alum Jessica Grainger DeMeester will discuss the project and why designing for equity is important work at the city level.

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