Jeremy Alexis is a Senior Lecturer, Director of the Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO), and Director of the Idea Shop prototyping lab at IIT Institute of Design (ID). He has taught classes on economics and design, concept evaluation, design decision-making, and problem framing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) and a master of design from ID.

Activities at ID

Since joining ID in 2006, Jeremy has created and delivered course content on design process, leadership, decision-making, and design for technical innovation. As Director of IPRO, he provides program structure, pedagogy, instructor guidance and recruitment, and industry partnerships for Illinois Tech’s distinctive project-based collaborative for undergraduates. His strategy serves a range of stakeholder needs and motivations, aligning with faculty across all of the colleges of the university to create memorable multidisciplinary team experiences. Jeremy’s research and development interests include increasing the success rate of design implementation through interdisciplinary collaboration, design and innovation capability and culture building in large organizations, and making user-centered design more relevant for technical problems. 

Jeremy is also director of the Idea Shop, where Illinois Tech students from all fields of study work with faculty and staff to generate breakthrough ideas and guide them from concept to launch. As faculty lead for ID’s executive education practice, he designs and leads workshops that help companies envision and implement new products, services, business models, and retain environments. 

Industry Experience

Before joining ID, Jeremy served as Team Lead at Gravity Tank (2004–05) and Project Leader at Doblin (2000–04) and Archideas (1999–2000) in Chicago. He has worked with clients such as Unilever, Motorola, Citibank, Pfizer, American Express, Target Corporation, and Zebra Technologies. 

Speaking and Publishing

Jeremy’s publications and other media include “Design Innovation,” in The Global Innovation Science Handbook (McGraw Hill, 2013); “From Lock In to Lock Out, Using Design to Create Fiercely Loyal Customers,” in Rotman on Design: The Best on Design Thinking from Rotman Magazine (University of Toronto Press, 2013); and “Getting People to Talk,” a widely viewed video on ethnographic interviewing.

Recent Work

Alexis, Jeremy. 2013. “Design Innovation.” In Global Innovation Science Handbook, edited by Praveen Gupta and Brett E. Trusko. New York: McGraw Hill.

Alexis, Jeremy. 2013. “From Lock In to Lock Out, Using Design to Create Fiercely Loyal Customers.” In Rotman on Design: The Best on Design Thinking from Rotman Magazine, edited by Roger Martin and Karen Christensen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.