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Sari Gluckin

Founder, Wishful Thinking LLC

Sari Gluckin sitting looking at a book

Sari Gluckin brings to her teaching a deep background as an MBA, design thinker, and facilitator. She has been an Adjunct Faculty member at Institute of Design (ID) since 2017, where she developed and now co-teaches Facilitation Methods with Susan Stirling. Sari also recently joined the core faculty of the Creative Education Foundation, where she teaches workshops on creative problem solving, facilitation, and personal development.

Sari has a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history from the University of Illinois and a Master of Arts in art history from New York University. She also has a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University and a Master of Design Methods from the Institute of Design. Additionally, she is a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West.

Industry Experience

Sari founded Wishful Thinking in 1999, focusing on the intersection of design thinking, creativity, and strategy. She and her colleagues at Wishful Thinking lead innovation projects and hands-on workshops for diverse clients from small nonprofits to multinational companies; as a connection maker and innovation strategist, she helps teams understand their users, find inspiration, and move strategically toward new outcomes. Prior to launching Wishful Thinking, Sari worked in marketing and innovation at General Foods (New York) and Kraft Foods (Chicago).