Project Sponsorship

IIT Institute of Design (ID) offers organizations a unique opportunity to be valuable partners in our emerging work. Project sponsorship can take a variety of forms, providing your team with the opportunity to work alongside ID faculty and students on design-driven solutions to actual business and social challenges. This will not only elevate your organization’s reputation as a force for innovation, but will inspire your employees as agents of change.

Workshop Sponsorship

Sponsoring a graduate-level workshop gives your organization the chance to see design methods in action. By engaging students with stakeholders, your workshop sponsorship will promote a range of ideas on emergent, relevant topics such as civic design, behavioral economics, and adaptive leadership. You may also make your organization the object of study.  

Recent workshops at ID include:

  • Research and digital prototyping of a new service channel for consumer food access for a large, global food distributor
  • Visualizing the connection between artists, communities, and influences at Jane Addams’ Hull House
  • Reimagined retail design and full-scale in-situ prototype at Eataly
  • Product and system design for a personal wearable device to monitor post-cardiovascular events
  • Strategic design planning for a farmer-specific insurance offering

Research Sponsorship

If your company is seeking to augment in-house resources with a dedicated team of inspired students and expert faculty, research sponsorship offers an ideal, rewarding opportunity. Sponsored research is our most extensive program, sometimes spanning several semesters or even years. Sponsors are given access to work in progress, custom research data, and new product development. Most significantly, this program yields proprietary results for the organization.

Current research includes topics of global interest like:

  • Persuasive interaction design for behavioral change
  • Sustainability and revitalization of regional communities using a strategic, human-centered approach for planning and prototyping
  • Research, development, and prototyping methods of effective communication design for patient-centered healthcare
  • Innovation methods development and application for strategic planning and organizational growth
  • Complex service design for multiple stakeholders, elements, and delivery channels, including smart connected services
  • Algorithmic-based generative design for digital fabrication and near-future digital manufacturing

Student Practicum

Sponsorship of student practicums can support the development of thought leadership on a number of compelling topics. These sponsorships typically engage senior students with faculty oversight outside of class time during the semester or summer, which offers more focused attention to the given subject.

Recent sponsors include

Accenture / American Family Insurance / Anheuser-Busch InBev / Autodesk / Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / Boeing / Calumet Collaborative / Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs / Eataly / Franklin Energy / Gordon Food Services / Hull House / Illinois Department of Human Services / MacArthur Foundation / Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center / mHub / Morningstar / Motorola / University of Chicago Medicine / Zebra Technologies

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