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Chicago Reader Profiles ID Instructor Chris Rudd

January 12, 2021

Considers Rudd an emerging leader in the city

Chris Rudd, ID instructor specializing in community-driven design at IIT Institute of Design (ID), has been profiled by the Chicago Reader, which has characterized him as the “anti-capitalist face of design.”

“Rudd straddles formal institutions and grassroots organizing, contributor Ashley Lukasik writes, “using design as a catalyst for creating equity while simultaneously demanding the field dismantle its own inherent racism.”

In the article, Rudd considers the relationship between anti-racism and capitalism, and ID students Jessica Jacobs and Justin Walker discuss his contributions to design and ID, as well as his impact.

The impulse to teach seems to come naturally to Rudd. Top of mind right now is his push to exact an anti-racist agenda in the field of design, starting at IIT Institute of Design with his graduate students, fellow faculty, and administration. Rudd's agenda didn't start with the recently globally amplified Black Lives Matter movement—it's been central to his reason for joining the school from day one.