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Introducing the Second Season of ID’s With Intent Podcast

February 15, 2023

Jarrett Fuller
Discover Where Design Is Headed Next
With Intent Podcast

The first episode of our second season of ID’s podcast, With Intent, is available now.

Listeners to With Intent‘s first season will note that this season has a new host—Jarrett Fuller, host of the Scratching the Surface podcast. This season, Jarrett is helping ID to write our most recent chapter in celebration of our 85th anniversary.

Marty Thaler and Tomoko Ichikawa

Marty Thaler and Tomoko Ichikawa

In Season 2, Jarrett hosts conversations about the state of design today, asking our faculty big questions—about ID’s Bauhaus lineage, whether human-centered design is enough, and how one becomes a designer and learns design.

The first episode, How Does Someone Become a Designer? features Tomoko Ichikawa, Associate Professor of Visual Communication, and Marty Thaler, Associate Professor of Product Design. Tomoko and Marty discuss ID’s Foundation sequence—possibly the strongest tie that ID has today with its history as The New Bauhaus. (Foundation at ID makes it possible for nondesigners to enter our graduate school.)

Jarrett is the 2022–23 Latham fellow at the Institute of Design.

Tune into With Intent to discover where ID is taking design next.

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Design isn't really for design. Design is for the world. So design—it always works with other disciplines.
—Tomoko Ichikawa