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Weslynne Ashton Starts Dual Appointment with ID and Stuart School of Business

June 29, 2020

Weslynne Ashton

Weslynne Ashton starts a dual appointment as associate professor at ID and associate professor of environmental management and sustainability at the Stuart School of Business in the 2020–21 academic year.

Weslynne’s work focuses on the circular economy, optimizing resource flows, and human benefits of socioecological systems. She has collaborated with ID faculty and PhD students for the last three years, providing invaluable connections between management, sustainability science, and design in building more sustainable and equitable futures.

At ID, Weslynne’s teaching and advising will focus on developing regenerative economies by integrating environmental and social sustainability, as well as incorporating adaptive systems analysis into the design innovation process. At Stuart, Weslynne will continue research and teaching activities in sustainability, business innovation and social entrepreneurship through school’s MS in Environmental Management and Sustainability and the Masters in Business Administration.

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